Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program

The purpose of an Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program is to avoid the consequences of an unsafe working environment or equipment failure that may cause injuries, significant downtime, and other major expenses. These problems can be prevented by taking corrective actions with a planned maintenance program designed to include proper housekeeping, and preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn or damaged components before a failure occurs. The following areas should be addressed:

     1.  Housekeeping

     2.  Electrical Panels and Enclosures

     3.  Motor Starter Reliability

     4.  Motor Leads Integrity

     5.  Motor Winding Insulation Integrity  

     6.  DC Motors

     7.  Control Relay Functionality

     8.  Contactor Reliability

     9.  Status Lamps

     10.  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

     11.  Enclosed Environmental Conditioning

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