Inventory MGMT Support

Crown Training and Development can implement the following process to help manage your parts inventory system:

Program Organization
CT&D will organize a project team to support the necessary tasks to facilitate your Inventory Program.

Kick-off Meeting
CT&D will meet with your staff in order to begin the project and make certain that all parties are in agreement with the objectives of the program.

Follow up Meetings
CT&D will meet with your staff periodically in order to help make certain that the project remains on task.

Map and Label Storage Areas
In an effort to maintain the proper location of parts CT&D will develop a general arrangement drawing of the various storage locations per your approval.

Locate, Verify, Count, and Tag Inventory Items
In many cases parts located and tagged will have multiple identifications in the data base.  CT&D will research the most recent purchased items in your system and coordinate with your staff to utilize the most recent and correct ID number.

Bin Organization
All the parts will be located in bins or designated areas for prompt retrieval.  Whether the retrieval process is for scheduled or on an emergency basis the Crown Training and Development Team will meet with your staff to determine and optimize the retrieval process.  This optimization will contribute to success and true benefits of the program.

BOM Assistance
CT&D will provide BOM assistance if necessary.

Update data into the Management System
CT&D will update parts data as required.

Relocate items as required