Mechanical Maintenance

Curriculum Content

Lock Out | Contact Hours: 16
This course covers recognition of all forms of stored energy that are a danger. Methods of isolation and removal of hazards will be covered. Methods of documentation and coordination of activities of multiple craft involvement will be addressed.

Math & Measurements | Contact Hours: 40
This course covers basic mathematical operations. Numbering systems including the Metric system will be covered in detail. Measurement tools ranging from simple scales through micrometers and Vernier scales will be used in laboratory exercises.

Hand Tools & Shop Equipment | Contact Hours: 8
This module will cover the safety, maintenance, and operation of the equipment and tools in the repair shop facility.  Specific attention will be given to grinder operation wheel inspection and dressing, and rest plate adjustment.  Use of the drill press, properly securing the work piece and drill bit speed for various materials will be addressed.  Abrasive saw and band saw inspection and proper methods of cutting will be covered.

Bolts & Other Fasteners | Contact Hours: 8
This course presents extensive coverage of threading standards. Tightening and torque will be incorporated in lab exercises. Thread cutting and repair, snap rings, rivets and adhesives will also be included.

Lubrication | Contact Hours: 4
Oil classification and evaluation, grease types and compatibility, lubrication scheduling, and lubrication methods will be included in this curriculum.

Fans, Blowers, and Compressors | Contact Hours: 4
An overview of these devices will be presented, with emphasis placed on inspection and maintenance.

Rigging | Contact Hours: 16
Rigging safety and inspection criteria, rigging selection and how to determine the weight of a load.  How to move and manipulate loads, perform hands-on drifting of a load.  Demonstrate completing pre-use and annual inspections of lifting slings and accessories including the required documentation.  Demonstrate the use of proper hand signals to a lift operator to guide a load.

Pumps | Contact Hours: 8
Pump types, ratings, maintenance and inspection will be covered. Special emphasis will be given to packing and seals.

Pipe Fitting | Contact Hours: 16
Topics include pipe materials, standards, and threads. Flange connections add gaskets will be covered. Valves will be discussed in detail.

Power Transmission | Contact Hours: 16
Beginning with a review of the physics of motion and fundamental material properties, a through coverage of power transmission devices from shafts to chains will be presented. Special emphasis will be placed on bearings and couplings. Inspection and maintenance will be included.

Machine Installation and Alignment | Contact Hours: 24
Alignment from the foundation to final operation is the essence of this module. A thorough review of the measurement tools required including lab exercises in their use will be the primary objective. Alignment exercises will range from straight edge through laser. This module will include elements of RIGGING and POWER TRANSMISSION.