AC/DC Drive Fundamentals


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Course Description

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to explain electrical safety and PPE requirements when working on or around motor drives.

DC Drive topics include: The construction of a DC motor armature, main field, inter-poles, concepts of main field flux, counter-emf, commutation, armature reaction, regenerative and dynamic braking, advantages and disadvantages of shunt, series, and compound motors, base speed, constant torque, constant horsepower, droop, feedback, (counter-emf, speed, current feedback and DC motor quadrant operation).

AC Drive topics include: The construction of an AC motor stator, rotor, concepts of locked rotor, load torque, starting torque, synchronous speed and motor slip, classify AC motors by design, and code letter, AC motors starting torque, breakdown torque, load torque, synchronous speed, and motor slip.

Lab exercises include: Setting motor mechanical neutral, identifying motor leads, compounding a motor, configure a DC drive, configure an AC drive, and troubleshooting techniques.


LOCATION Crown Training and Development, Merrillville, IN