Advanced ControlLogix Maintenance & Troubleshooting


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Course Description

This course is for those who develop, debug, program or maintain ControlLogix Controllers using Ladder Logic, Function Block, and Structured Text programming. Studens will be able to establish communications to a ControlLogix controller, explain the organization of a ControlLogix application, perform routine maintenance (create a new project, configure I/O, download/upload projects, going online, change processor modes, create and monitor tags, and edit the program.

Topics include: Major, Minor and I/O Faults, GSV and SSV instructions, Ethernet communications, ControlNet communications, and ADD-ON instructions, and an introduction to Ladder Diagram programming, Function Block programming, and Structured Test programming.

Labs include: Creating and programming Fault Routines, configuring and scheduling an Ethernet and ControlNet LAN and programing an ADD-ON Instructions.


LOCATION Crown Training and Development, Merrillville, IN